Kazenobi is an atelier+gallery of sculptor and designer Takenobu Igarashi, located at the newly renovated former Yoshino Elementary School in Shin-Totsukawa-cho, Hokkaido. Set in a beautiful rural environment, Kazenobi is a pleasant place to spend time and enjoy art. It is also a place of communication and exchange through experiencing sculpture, allowing visitors to take part in different activities and events. Aside from the gallery, there is a café and a gift shop.

Kazenobi is open during the mild season from May to October. Due to heavy snow and freezing temperatures, it is closed during the winter. Upon visiting, please be aware that it is inconveniently situated.

Location 100-4 Yoshino, Shin-Totsukawa-cho Kabato-gun, Hokkaido 073-1322 Japan
Open May – October 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays (except on holidays, in which case closed on Tuesday)
Entrance Fee ¥200 (children under 6-years free, but must be accompanied by an adult)
A five-day advance reservation required for groups (10 persons or more)
Parking Available
Contact 0125-73-2600 (Domestic only), +81-90-3391-7989 (Mr. Fujishima)

Exterior and interior
There are artworks placed all around the premises. Some of the exhibited artworks change from time to time.
Café and gift shop

Beverages are served in the café, and special products designed by Takenobu Igarashi are available exclusively at the gift shop.

The surrounding environment

Throughout the year, the beauty of the sky, the mountains, the river, the fields and the paddies change like a painting.


If you are lucky, you might be able to see Igarashi at work.

About Kaze no Bijutsukan

Kazenobi is run by Kaze no Bijutsukan, a general incorporated association. Aside from administration, the association also sponsors art production and workshops, working to create an appealing environment in daily life and in nature by spreading Takenobu Igarashi’s art in Hokkaido.